RoofWe had another terrible wind storm that lasted all night. This morning when I left my home I noticed trash cans blown about and tree debris everywhere. I also noticed some shingle tabs on one street that came from some person's roof ! Another roof in my town had shingles standing straight up from the wind gusts over the night. Different sides of a few roofs showed similar damage as I drove around town today. The market was closed today for President's Day, but the wind last night did not know that fact. I wonder if the wind affected the shingles in a similar way that massive buying and selling unsettles the market? Many of the roofs have been installed for several years and one would think the shingle adhesive under each shingle would protect them. However this morning it was evident that if enough force is applied (to the roofs and the market) that something has to give way. The wind came from many directions all last night and looks for weak points on the various roofs to exploit and find that weakness in their armor. Shingles are laid out and installed in a pattern of 5" intervals of exposure. If one has too much exposure in the market chaos can ensue. The better roofs I noted (30 year or more are more wind rated) stayed put. Similar to weaker stocks huddling together for protection and hoping for the best. Research on which roof to use and if 15# or 30# roofing felt is to be applied over the roof deck or if 'ice guard' is to be used can relate to the market and the careful research one undertakes to determine which stock or group of stocks to put in one's portfolio. Locating the best roofer or the best stock broker is critical unless you are skilled enough to make your own decisions on roofing and investing in the market.





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