1. There is no such thing as a bear market, only markets that have gone down a lot from a previous high in a reasonable time frame.

2. The market had its best week in 5 years two weeks after having the worst week in 5 years.

3. When the vol rises to above 30, expect a 1-2% gain in next two days with say a 90% prob.

4. The differential between the discount rate and the 10 year rate is an excellent predictor of short and long term movements in the market.

5. The market likes to set a big minimum at the beginning of the week and all the limits downs have occured on such days.

6. The knowledge of a big forced seller in the market will filter out and effect everything and the market will go to unprecedented low levels until the sales are requited.

7. The Fed chair thanked Milton Friedman for insuring with his research that the Fed would never again cause a depression by tightening the money supply during a time of economic doldrum and we may thank Milton Friedman and the Fed chair, and Mr Kerviel for insuring that no such depression or recession will be induced again by such activity.

8. The market will go back up along the same path that it went down. i.e. Lobagola lives. (Remember Lobagola's  story about the elephants).

9. Buy and hold must not be leveraged too high for it to work .

10. The tried and true patterns are the most dangerous during times of crisis. (Beware of patterns with a 90% chance of success).


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