Hero Trading, from Kim Zussman

January 31, 2008 |

He hoped to be a hero

One day atop the hill

Surviving all the bullets

Expert at the kill


But then one day he noticed

How they all try and die

The sacrifice was futile

Objective was a lie


The experts at the killing

Drop them one and all

Friend, foe, and family

One by one they fall


Until the hill is barren

Adobe red with blood

The hero stands alone there

Above the boiling mud


The lady sits in waiting

A dark and empty home

Her face the mirror changing

Her hair pulled in the comb


Her gallant lads are fighting

A war without an end

Will it be reversing

Or is this now a trend


All the men who loved her

soldiers through and through

Killed in the great battle

Wet skin all grey and blue


He couldn't be a killer

And didn't run too fast

They noticed he was thinking

So saved his shot for last


His final thoughts ran from him

Fanning into space

The last thing he would ever see

Was her lovely face





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