GoldOne of the best gold stories from the 1970s was when Arthur Ashe beat 19 year old Bjorn Borg in the WCT tournament in Dallas and won a solid gold tennis ball worth $33,000. Ashe kept it and it wasn't too long before gold was selling around $800 dollars an ounce and the ball was worth close to 1 million dollars.

Jeff Watson reminisces:

I bought a lot of physical gold back in 1979-80 and my position has been underwater ever since. My gold-bug friend told me that I'm finally making money in the gold market, as it's taken out its old highs. I explained to him that with inflation, storage and cost of carry, I'd never get out from being underwater. Luckily, I still find looking at and feeling the actual gold to be rather invigorating.

Alan Millhone agrees:

Yep, nothing like feeling the heft of a roll of Maple Leafs in ones hand.. I knew an old barber years ago from Middleport, Ohio who went West every year to prospect on his vacation and made enough each trip to pay for his expenses and his vacation. He was a coin collector as well and he is long gone, as is his fine collection. 





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