Larry Williams on the Prestige

November 27, 2006 |

If you like your movies to twist and turn like switchback roads in Glacier Park, splashed with a twist of love affairs, intrigue and the mystery of Nicholas Telsa, this is a very good movie. Michael Cain, who seems to go from very bad movies to very good ones is in a good ‘un this time.

Steve Leslie comments:

I agree wholeheartedly. I particularly liked the time period, 1897, and the cinematography. very artistically done. Plus it was extraordinarily well written.

There were great set designs and the lighting and costumes should receive plenty of nominations.

Four stars acting for Michael Caine, three stars for David Bowie and Christian Bale, and maybe even the ever present Hugh Jackman. I believe the director is the same person who directed Batman Begins.

One cautionary note. Watch very closely or you will miss some very important clues to the Prestige.





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