Hot Tea, from Alan Millhone

January 15, 2008 |

TeaIn my local Sunday paper is a half-page article about the benefits of drinking hot tea. January is National Hot Tea Month. Hot tea is believed to improve the heart, reduce cancer risk and help the skin. Tea is supposed to have better health benefits if heated (I like Constant Comment). The heat helps transfer the antioxidants in the leaves to the water.

Locally our Tim Horton's handles 10 different teas. Our local Panera Bread carries 10 types of Republic Tea. In my area we have Mother Earth's Foods that carries 200 herbs in bulk that can be made into tea. Vic and Laurel like Fauchon Tea. If hot tea does in fact help the heart, this in turn would improve circulation, helping the brain function more efficiently and thus you think better and make better trading choices as a result.





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