My morning's paper shows a photo of Michael Chertoff at a conference on the REAL ID. The ACLU is against it — not surprising. Personally I feel any new type of license should also have a couple of fingerprints along for the ride.
A week ago I took my 16 year old nephew to the Columbus, OH airport for his trip back to Florida. That morning I went online and printed his boarding passes. We got him to the airport check-in for Southwest and the man at the counter asked him for his ID. My nephew told him he was 16 and did not need one. The counter man for the airlines agreed and processed him for his flight!
Congress passed the REAL ID law in 2005, but the effort has been delayed by opposition from states worried about the cost and civil libertarians upset about what they believe are invasions of privacy. A key deadline would come in 2011, when Federal authorities hope all states will be in compliance.





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