Paul BrownJust got home from watching the Browns win over the Texas Titans in a kind of 'back and forth' game and the Brown's home crowd became a factor (probably not a fear factor) but the noise reminded me of the old Brown's Stadium some years ago. My brother and his 16 year old son were up from Florida for Thanksgiving and we decided to go to the game together today. We had two tickets and traded for three together on the 20 yard line and just 5 rows up from the field… Awesome. Much effort was made by both teams, but home field advantage was a big plus in my opinion.

I note quite a bit of discussion on starting up one's own business. You need to be like a football team/coach and know your territory, playing field, be familiar with your playbook (just like a stock traders hand held manuscript) and be totally familiar with your opponent (just like familiarity with the stocks you trade).

We traded our seats three times with street ticket sellers. Suppose you could liken this to dumping bad stocks for better positioned (better seats) stocks? We took our time looking over various tickets that were offered to us. Much like one would pour over statistics, etc. before landing upon a stock to buy. We took along a diagram (from Internet) of the playing field so we knew where offered seats would be if we chose to buy. A little bit of before hand preparation paid off and we ended up with good seats and had a great time. We profited by taking our time, much as one would in looking over financial statements, etc. of a stock before buying. My late father used to say, "Plan your work and work your plan".

Drove from Cleveland to Columbus, had a great supper at Polaris Grille. My Brother has a plane to catch in the morning for a meeting in Birmingham. Dropped him off at an airport hotel and his son and me headed back to Belpre.





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