D. Hoffman in MagoriumForget what the critics are saying about Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium. It is a delightful movie to take your kids to.

First, I doubt most movie critics could relate to the lonely hero child "Eric", simply cause he was too gifted.

Second, the magic conjured up clearly was from the inspirational genius of an entrepreneurial spirit. Praising such a movie would clearly admit such genius exists. Many in the media would like this movie to simply be forgotten.

Third, it was a tale about learning the powers an individual possesses. How this power dwarfs bureaucracy/government, and how tapping into it brings meaning to one's life.

And finally it had too many wonderful analogies and brilliant quotes in it for a critic to understand.

If you doubt my words, consider that upon leaving the theater, my 14 year old daughter asked:  "That movie was great. Do you think I could start a pet shop, soon?" And then she spent the next couple days researching how to do this dream and making lists and coming up with ideas.





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