I had a great Thanksgiving at my Mother's today. Later in the day we put up our tree at my home and our daughter and her three boys helped. Boys are 8,11,22 . The 11 year old (Solomon) is something else. Taking this year Saxophone at school, loves Checkers, plays sports, loves to read, and I taught him tonight how to tie a double windsor knot .

We had pizza tonight and were all in the living room chatting and I was discussing taking out our TV's and I could see Solomon listening to every word spoken. He finally spoke up and said that cable for the TV is a 'want' and not a 'need'. He further commented that the only real needs are: food, shelter, clothing. Quite a statement coming from an 11 year old .





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  1. Peter Hansen on November 24, 2007 12:58 pm

    I was surprised when my son was taught to distinguish wants from needs in first grade. It seems to be a standard part of the public school curriculum here in Virginia, alongside a lot of instruction about Indians and the environment. So, it’s an eclectic brew, on the whole not quite as bad as I had feared.

    Regarding TV, I am baffled that any educated parent with children at home still has one. We don’t, and it has made a tremendous difference in our childrens’ eagerness to read, in the development of their imaginations, and in the general cleanliness and integrity of our home as something separate from the culture around us.


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