Curvy, from Marion Dreyfus

November 13, 2007 |

MonicaCurvy women may be a clever bet

Women with curvy figures are likely to be brighter than waif-like counterparts and may well produce more intelligent offspring, a US study suggests.

At last, a reason for all this dizzying shape! If one thinks about it analytically, the women who do not proffer capacious hips — long a man's unconscious gauge of fertility and child-bearing — and ample breasts — also a subconscious signal of fertility and nurturance — then most men interested in prolonging their line would reject these waifs as wanting in all the right aspects that would procure their seed a nice nest and upbringing into the world.

The waif is another analog for the child who might not make it. Robust children/women manage to advance into adulthood and fecundity. Waifs maintain the semblances of the undernourished and the continually childlike. Neither of these is attractive to healthy/discerning men with seed to inseminate into the ready and able.

If the waifs then get the less assertive men — because the assertives are the one with first call on all women, and will likely select the most robust women for linkage and childbearing — then the strong confluence exists that the lesser in all characteristics men will achieve their females, likelier to be less desireable than the [smarter][faster][more assertive] alpha males.

The mating of these men with the more robust women ensures children who will survive the prolonged assaults of childhood diseases, and the accidents attendant on being near poorer circumstances. That almost definitively leads to the scenarios that breed smarter offspring. Selection toward the fertile and ripe as opposed to the frail and wanting.





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