A very cute 26 year young lady was temping at the office recently and told of her experience at a convalescent home where she had just quit. It seems there is an 87 year old Romeo who, just as she turned around, planted a big wet one right on her lips.

Another lady who works there and is pregnant is telling this guy, who has some Alzheimer’s, that the baby is his.

From a Darwinian view, a man of any age should construe any attention from a woman as an invitation (evolution occurred before lawyers); the goal is maximum projection of genome into the future, and you have to risk refusal to get it there.

In Russia flirting, sexual innuendo, and fondling, which used to be legal here between opposite sexes, is alive and well. Funny thing is, most of it is in jest (a Russian aphorism: “Every joke has some truth to it”) and women crave the attention tremendously. In fact, even married Russian women become quite furious if they cast a furtive glance at a man and he doesn’t respond. Even though they are busy poisoning their enemies, they haven’t yet polluted the soul.





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