Marathon records are amazing. One fellow did one every day for a month — this is very hard! I used to do one on a Saturday and then one on Sunday — I cannot imagine a steady diet of 26 mile runs. A buddy does lots of 100 mile runs, all in the mountains, at elevation) I asked what was the most difficult part about it. He replied, "the second sunrise."





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  1. Invictus on October 30, 2007 7:52 pm

    One of my buddies participates in a 50 mile run on an old Bull Run trail in Virginia, and runs an average pace of 8.20 minutes a mile. He walks in extreme pain after the feat. Your friend running 100 miles in a hilly terrain at substantial elevation is an amazing feat of endurance!

    Since there are 1440 minutes in a 24 hour period (estimate of the minimum time in order to see 2 sunrises), your friend runs an average pace of 14 minutes 24 seconds per mile.

    At normal walking speed a person walks around 20 minute miles. With a little power-walking effort the pace of 13-16 minutes mile is easily achieved.

    Unless your friend is exaggerating seeing the second sunrise, he is power-walking more than actually running.


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