Prac SpecTen years to save up enough trading capital to become a daytrader and — wouldn't you know it, after spending a few C notes to get some books on technical analysis, I pick up your book Practical Speculation at the local library and realize: hey, I need a mentor, a master, a humble genius.

I came late to the realization of positive capitalism (I guess it's all positive seen in some long perspective) but I've got this money that I want to grow now that I'm 55 and I have a young son and a need to leave a legacy.

I am not famous for the following quote, but I still believe it's a good one:

"There are more ways than one to skin a cat. However, if you go to the national cat skinning competition and watch the winner, you will soon realize that it doesn't matter how many ways, it only matters which is the best."

I believe you are the cat skinner I need to hang with to triumph with the rest of the optimists. I have always been about three years ahead of the curve for many things coming into the culture and this is a ride I want on before the real inertia takes off.


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