Prof. Mark McNabb on Baseball

August 14, 2006 |

I dropped in on the Orioles vs. Yankees game yesterday and found the Yankees fans to be far more entertaining than the locals. In fact the amusement cause me to miss seeing some pitches, (the Orioles’ pitchers must have been Landis-ized or the NY hitters on Prozac so it was worth watching the performance from the mound).Having said that … as if one can say they actually see the pitch. When the Yankees would come to U.N.C. and play the Tarheels in March, I used to think the pro game was all about pitching, but seeing the guns on every fielder makes you appreciate defensive play and at the least notice other parts of the game more.

A friend says he would rather watch the games on TV, and that actually going to one is too distracting, like attending a Formula One race and only remembering what tops the Ferrari girls wore. I have to say that this is true for everything but college basketball it seems.

Markets are similar with bits and pieces of honey draped on every news release, only to discover that each is meaningless and the price action says all:

Market gets all it wants and needs nothing — last Friday …

If retail data over the next two weeks confirm the long bond, late August will be a nice buying opportunity to early August’s selling opportunity.





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