On the Grapevine, from Ken Smith

September 10, 2007 |

GrapevineTowards the end of my heavy drinking days I lived in an efficiency apartment located within walking distance of several taverns and cocktail lounges, a liquor store, and a supermarket with a selection of cheap wine which could be purchased by the gallon.

I bought for $3000 the first Epson desktop computer to hit the market and sat for three years writing a manuscript, citing Scripture and an array of authors who had had a similar experience. I wrote an Index to the Big Book, which Alcoholics Anonymous Headquarters declined to authorize, but giving the rights to another writer after I had submitted my manuscript along with a request for permission to quote ÅA literature.

Of course Headquarters  had some reasons — I did fall off the wagon frequently, never showed any length of time sober while in Alcoholics Anonymous; was a complete failure in the outfit.  Nevertheless I wrote well and the Index was very good, if I say so myself.  They did publish several of my submissions to their monthly publication The Grapevine.

I was ten years in that apartment, making my tour of the neighborhood, the various iniquity dens, declining the solicitations of ladies of the night on the way to destinations, drinking establishments, since, after all, my compulsion was booze, not sex.

I give credit to Jerry Falwell's outfit for putting together a booklet to send out to those who heard the message on the airways.  That little booklet explained a life that was better and described in exact detail the steps, attitudes, and behaviors that would save folks.





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