PointyI've been meeting with some folks who do a lot of training and development work with big companies. Recently, these T&D consultants have been hearing about a new problem their clients' managers are dealing with, and it involves their new, young employees from Generation Y (or Z), i.e., the ones fresh out of college. The clients want some sort of training program for their managers to learn how to handle this new problem. What is this new problem? When the Gen Y subs do poorly or are disciplined, the managers are getting irate phone calls from the young sub's parents.

Alex Forshaw replies: 

The WSJ ran an article about this some time ago. Helicopter parenting is making its predictable transition from high school, to college, and now to the workplace.

Baby boomer parents are obsessive about building an invulnerable system of guideposts in life (get >2200 SAT, be a co-editor of the high-school paper, which gets your kid into a top 20 college, which gets your kid into 90th percentile of starting workforce, which gets your kid into a top x%ile grad school) and they are simply incandescent when their "children" encounter any speed bumps along the way.

You have to wonder if this huge swathe of baby-boomer upper crust-dom was ever exposed to pain resulting from mistakes, or if they ever took any real risks in life.


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