Bo Keely, from Ken Smith

August 31, 2007 |

Bo Keely has moved into the Oasis Motel in Blythe CA and has begun new job as substitute teacher in local high school. His first call to work to sub was yesterday.

His vision of life on the road has been modified, I believe. Maybe temporary, because Bo has a lust for the road, is of restless character. Yet strange things happen in this universe. He may settle down, and should, in my thinking, because he has a lot to offer students in the way of life experience, is cunning, with creative methods in teaching.

Maybe we will see Bo move out of his desert retreat, take a steady job, set himself up in a Blythe condo with swimming pool, get a business suit, start eating in upscale establishments instead of the free food kitchen.

Riz Din adds:

I found a handful of old YouTube shorts on Bo and collected them.


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