My wife and I just returned from a dozen days in the UK, including a visit to Caledonia and its stately capital, Edinburgh. London prices verge on the absurd; the average Londoner must be living a far inferior life as compared to someone of a similar station here in Chicago. For instance, public transport costs 50% to 200% more than the CTA on a per ride basis, taxis are roughly 300% more per mile, a TESCO food bill 35% more. My tip of the hat to the Economist comes in my notations of the cost of a Big Mac Meal (medium size) at McDonald's whenever I travel. In London I saw 3.69 pounds as the cheapest, on High Street across from Kensington Tube station, with prices in Edinburgh and Inverness ranging from 2.99 to 3.19. This compares to a local price of $4.70, about 2.35 pounds.


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