The best movie ever on outliers, randomness and red bandanas is The Deer Hunter.

I "have worn that red bandana of speculation" and late at night miss it –not unlike the Kingston Trio's refrain "once you hear the whistle blow, you can't come back."

Nothing is like the rush being long "too many contracts" whether they go with you or against you. Every second vibrates — it becomes a hundred yard dash and you are the fastest man on the planet, totally in the flow, winning or losing. An altered state.

In that state I encounter speculative Nirvana, and found it is a most dangerous place to visit, winning or losing, because it is so addictive. Either way the endorphins surge, mainlined into the larger vessels. Life is just one heartbeat. There is nothing else.

Not unlike your first bareback ride, getting in the chute, settling down on the horse, then giving that nod, the gate swings open and life begins or ends. Addicted to danger: what a great way to live and love.

Ken Smith replies:

I know that feeling. For three or four years I have not used realtime data, trading on marco information and end of day charts. Today I began using real time again and the experience brought me to life. Realtime boosted my spirits and the lift aroused my motivation to get to work. A good day to be alive.


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