I recently found Victor's paper on (legal) insider trading, "Predictive and Statistical Properties of Insider Trading" incorporated into a book on the subject, How You Can Use the Wall Street Insiders, by Perry Wysong.

Victor's foresight about the potential use of this information, and his efforts to make strict quantitative use of it so early in his career, is particularly interesting to me. I wonder if Victor and Laurel have done any additional research in this area that might be available to individual investors?

So far as I can tell, although he is hardly mentioned at all today, Perry Wysong was the primary newsletter writer of the time (1960s-1970s) for insider trading. From his book, it appears Wysong used insider trading with relative strength measures to select stocks, but he does not say precisely how he measures relative strength.

Since Wysong was an insurance actuary prior to becoming an investment newsletter writer, I presume he must have known a reasonable amount about statistics. Do you have any insights about how he selected stocks?

Daily Speculations is an excellent resource, by the way. I admire Victor and Laurel's honesty and spirit of inquiry. It's a great inspiration to me, and, I imagine, to many other individual investors.


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