Of Wind and Waves is an inspirational documentary about the life of Woody Brown, pilot, surfer and sailor. He was the son of a wealthy Wall Street broker but left New York for life in California and Hawaii where he pioneered sail planes, surfing and catamaran sailing. I knew him when he was younger in Honolulu, where he was a local legend. The film portrays a vibrant and positive thinking adventurous man, and at 93, he still has that same vibrancy and tells stories of his big wave exploits. The move captures his love for life and love for people and shows how his positive attitude shaped his life. He eschewed Wall Street for a life on the ocean. Woody was also featured in the film, Surfing for Life, about seniors surfing and keeping the stoke alive which is also highly recommended — a great movie to inspire the elderly and those who will be soon to keep active, fit and positive.The wonderful thing about modern technology is now a life on Wall Street and a life on the ocean are no longer mutually exclusive. It is possible enjoy the company of wonderful friends at Delmonicos on Wall Street one weekend and at the Beach Club at Kukio the next. There was a wonderful reception for Woody at Kukio private Beach Club where we met Woody. He is more lively at 93 than most at 40 and regaled us with surf stories. When I introduced Woody to pro-surfer Shane Dorian, they compared stories of surfing 60 and 80 foot waves! Our neighbor and cover model, Lokilani McMichael, and others of our local water-men and water-women community were there for a beautiful and glamorous evening under the moon and stars, next to the ocean with the trade winds blowing.





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