I find myself in Las Vegas having just finished a four-hour lunch with a master sleight of hand artist, Armando Lucero. After the dessert dishes were cleared, he showed us — not 30 feet away on a stage, but 30 inches in front of our noses, illusions that strained my belief. The climax was when he found a card in a clever way that anyone at our table has only thought of.

If one man with a deck of cards can baffle so completely, what massive and incalculable deception might be afoot in the armies of traders with their teraflopping supercomputers?





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  1. Ralph Di Fiore on August 25, 2007 7:51 am

    In magic, the more natural a move the greater its effectiveness. The best deception occurs when the moves of the magician seem natural. Mr. Main Street is taken to the cleaners by Wall Street because the “moves” of Wall Street are so “natural”. This my friend is the secret of effective deception.


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