As Vic would say, this has been a healthy decline. It cleared out the excesses built up over the last few months and years. The clearing of excesses by the market brings to mind the shedding of bark by certain trees. Taken from The Secret Life of Trees, by Colin Tudge:

Many trees shed their bark, sometimes in great swathes, which can be helpful in various ways. Some (especially tropical forest trees) seem to shed it in an attempt to get rid of epiphytes, which can grow in great abundance on their trunks and branches and so weigh the tree down and block its light. The bark of the eucalyptus is rich in oils and resins and burns quickly and fiercely. Oddly, this is an anti-fire device. The bark is shed, commonly in shreds, and builds up around the tree as litter. Other plants find it difficult to grow through the chemically rich, dark brew, and so there may be little or no undergrowth. When the bushfires rage they race quickly through the oily, resiny tinder on the ground - and a quick, hot flame is far less damaging than a cooler but slower one.

May this fire burn through thoroughly and quickly.


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