A Ghost, from Sushil Kedia

August 13, 2007 |

 I stepped out for a smoke during dinner this evening. A clean looking, 50ish healthy man darted by asking if I had a spare cigarette. I passed on a cigarette to be greeted with "I bless you. I will make a miracle come true for you." I asked what kind of a miracle? He said depends if you want a good one or a bad one. I asked why would I want a bad one? He said well many do. I will help you in your business and if anything else is possible for me.

I asked where do you live? He said that he was homeless. I asked then why don't you do the miracle to get yourself a home first? He said he didn't need one. He told me the new President of India is a smart woman (I understand he keeps up with current affairs). Then he says he is God and he wanted the dollar to go down. He said at a time the dollar was more than the pound and now he sees it going to a point where there would be 14 dollars required to get one pound. He concluded with telling me that his blessing to me is to go short the dollar and the I will be very rich. All of this within three minutes of igniting a cigarette and dragging in the last puff.

What sort of a ghost it is? I have never met with a market ghost before. What should one do with this conversation? Ignore? Come back to your computer to look at the charts and get more conviction that the dollar is rallying at least 10% in the next 12 months? Or should just one beware of lending cigarettes to unknowns ever again in life?





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  1. Annette Solyst on August 13, 2007 5:47 pm

    Interesting encounter.

    I was stuck in traffic in a town in South India a few months back when a man ran in front of the taxi. He ranted and raved like a lunatic, wildly gesticulating and repeating something in the local language I couldn’t understand. Asking my husband to translate what this man was shouting, he said “”he wants you to play such-and-such numbers in the lottery”".

    A couple of mornings later, we rented a scooter from a stall that also sold lottery tickets. Tacked up was a hand-written sheet with the previous day’s winning numbers.

    I hope the crazy man had money to buy himself his winning ticket.

    So you just never know….Miracles come in many guises.

  2. willi on September 3, 2007 9:45 am

    it’s an interesting picture of something might be a ghost. i never meet what so called ghost. observing many pictures supposed to be ghost pictures, i think that some one must have good imagination to see what they suppose a ghost. without such imagination, we will not see the ghost image. so, ghost might be only an imagination, but not the picture you show here.


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