Daily Spec is the most incredible learning experience for me. I learn from every post. The discussions have helped me to see reality in a more complete way. The clouds are parting and the sun is awash in my life.

If the progress I have made since I began reading the site could be charted, it would show a steep upward curve. A benchmark would be a recent conversation I had with a friend of the family. He couldn't believe how conversant I was with market topics. My family couldn't believe it. My family have always put this person on a pedestal because he knows so much about making money. Anyway, there was a smarter, more mature Todd at dinner that evening.

I have only Vic and Laurel to thank for my new optimistic outlook. In my world they have rock-star status. It's not about the trading as much as it is about going forward with the wind at my back and my feet planted in reality.

Ronald Weber adds:

The most refreshing part is certainly about the diversity and versatility of backgrounds and viewpoints. And that's what's terribly missing from the platitude of the Street where most analysts originate from similar MBA programs, read from the same sources, eat in the same places, chat among each other, and always have to worry about the career consequences of their outputs. 


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