ROME (Reuters) - A Sicilian mother took away her 61-year-old son's house keys, cut off his allowance and hauled him to the police station because he stayed out late.

Tired of her son's misbehavior, the retiree in the central Sicilian city of Caltagirone turned to the police to "convince this blockhead" to behave properly, La Sicilia, one of Sicily's leading newspapers, reported on Thursday.

The son responded by saying his mother did not give him a big enough weekly allowance and did not know how to cook.

Most Italian men still live at home late into their 30s, enjoying their "mamma's" cooking, washing and ironing.

This article is poor and looks like gossip more than information. Who knows what the issue really was? "Most Italian men still live at home late into their 30s" does not make any sense to me. As an Italian, I do not recognize this as one of the many inconsistencies and contradictions of my country. We love our mothers as they do in any other country, but the sentence displays only a stereotype which has no relationship with our society and simply is not true. Unfortunately, there are also many others about Italians. But that's life!





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