Is there a difference in the emptiness?

Between panic grasp of a suckling babe,
Momentarily pulled from his mother chest
And the sober surviving elder,
Putting his better half to rest.

The size of Time, you say.

Then could there be an eternal hell?

The answer, my friend,
is in your choosing.

Is there a difference in fulfillment?

Between the slumber of the well nursed babe.
The mother rubbing his soft head.
And the slumber of the working lad,
With his lady in the satisfied bed.

Beware my son of the promise of a fuller full.
Than eternal Nature supplies,
A more sophisticated fulfillment,
Through the magic of a pill.

For the trick you will soon abandon babies,
And rely on the backs of other men.

So nurse my son on the motherland
Or find a willing nursemaid.
And hammer hard with pride,
To lay content with your bride.





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