Ichi-San, from David Hillman

August 1, 2007 |

Nigel Davies wrote: "Investors will have the opportunity to participate as supporting cast on one or more filming days, as well as being invited to the various social events surrounding the production, which may include a grand ball and a gala screening in the West End of London with the stars of the film and other film and television celebrities."

What's interesting about Zatoichi himself is the apparent humility coupled with phenomenal technique and inner confidence. My question is this: Does humility actually take tremendous inner confidence? And if this is the case, why is it called humility?

Changing your name to "Ichi Davies" would likely maximize your investment by guaranteeing a long run for 'Bridge of Lies.' Humility born of tremendous inner confidence? It's a Zen thing.

So, how much did you invest, Ichi-san?


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