The Nth time I saw Marc Faber's name cross the tape, I was inspired to run his name on blogpulse.com, to see how his mentions correlate with market action.

The graph speaks for itself.

Tim Humbert adds:

I used to follow his material while it was free, but lost track. And yes, it was quite bearish.

Someone mentioned his name a few weeks ago, and I decided to compare his fund's performance to the market's from 1998, when it's first listed on Bloomberg. He seems to have done well; though if you look from the trough in stocks in 02/03 he has underperformed. 

Faber    SPX

2006  188.90   146.28
2005  170.26   128.75
2004  169.39   125.00
2003  157.05   114.69
2002  147.85    90.75
2001  147.94   118.31
2000  137.99   136.06
1999  120.57   151.41
1998  106.36   126.67

Vance Humbert adds:

Try using the unyielding David Tice, whom Bloomberg quotes today as saying "this could be the big one," and a somewhat similar pattern emerges.


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