I enjoyed The Illusionist. It is set in Vienna in the 19th century. The plot is driving, the characters are well-developed, the acting and cinematography are superb. The ending is fantastic.

Illusions are wonderful creations, fed by people's willingness and desire to believe, driven by their needs and agendas, their eagerness to blame others rather than themselves. The power to control or if not to control, to act advantageously upon other's mistaken beliefs is a formidable power. We see it in spycraft, in politics, in entertainment, in law, and, of course, in markets. Illusion is used in entertainment, in martial strategy, in love, and on many levels in many areas of human and natural life. Animals use illusion.

The market is full of illusions and is the master of deceit, subterfuge, of creating a set-up. A big illusion is the the impending crash, the wall of worry, keeping so many out of the market. The other illusion is the onset of the crash, the big drop, only to reverse violently, in a prestige as the illusion vanishes. Another illusion is the breakaway bull run, dragging in many soon to be disillusioned. Another illusion is the ease of making money in the market. False earning warnings, are illusions. Many crashes are illusions, only to reverse.

The key is to see the illusion, to see the set-up, to see the participants falling for the trick, and to act accordingly in your, not their, best interests. Some market illusions are not the simple variety of the stage, but rather complex, drawn out, many-staged illusions, similar to the illusion created in the movie, with illusions upon illusions, preying upon the minds and motives of many, not just one.


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