I would like to offer my suggestion on a tasty summer Chilean salad dish.

The "Chilean Salad" or simply, "la ensalada" in Chile, is very simple and pairs well seafood, meat, and even chicken, albeit with a subtle variation on the wine selection.


 2 large homegrown tomatoes
 1 large mild onion
 1 handful of fresh cilantro
 1 teaspoon table salt
 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil

 1. peel tomatoes
 2. chop onion
 3. chop cilantro
 4. mix ingredients
 5. add salt
 6. ladle oil over mixture slowly, touching all parts
 7. toss gently

The Chilean salad mixes well with all dishes, especially seafood. The Chileans are especially fond of this side dish alongside fresh, mashed potatoes and pan-fried sea bass. It mixes well with both red and white wines, though not so well with Pinot Noir.

My brother-in-law, in his weekly phone call providing me the count of the full copper trucks leaving the Colina plant will normally comment, "All those tomatoes are going to burn your esophagus!" - a testament to my love of this simple dish and its popularity in my home. 


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