In the paper recently was a half-page article on the rising cost of cheese. Block cheddar cheese — the benchmark for mozzarella and other cheeses — reached $2.08 a pound on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, up 78% from $1.17 a pound a year ago! Experts see no immediate relief in sight for pizza makers. The article featured a photo of a worker at Constantly Pizza in Concord, N.H. preparing a pizza and carefully watching his cheese use (skimping on how thick they pile on the cheese?).

My family prefers The Pizza Place because they use a first-quality cheese on their pizzas. Some others use a type of artificial cheese and you can tell the difference.

Atlanta-based United Dairy Industry Association says corn prices have risen amid growing demand for ethanol fuel. Also driving higher cheese costs has been a strong U.S. and global demand for dairy products.

And speaking of corn, in our area some of the best corn comes from along the Ohio River at Reedsville, Ohio. A dozen fresh picked ears runs $4.00 at a local roadside market.


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