I looked at the depth in cm of snowfall per year in the Thredbo ski resort in Australia, from 1968-2006. The average was 193.925.

It appears to me that you want to be a buyer at 100 cm and below, and a seller at 280 cm and above. After the two worst years, 1982 and 1993, depth increased for the subsequent three year period, and after the worst year on record ever, 2006, 2007 is turning out to be one of the best with powder everywhere in the mountains.

As a trader, it may be possible to come into the chalet market after a season like 2006 and buy up all the leases for the following three years, at bargain basement prices, as the doom and gloomers take hold and global warming reaches fever pitch, only to sublet as the bumper season the following year begins. Alternatively in the record years, sublet any holdings in advance and hit the South Pacific tropical islands for the much earned rest and relaxation!


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