Truss Bridges, by Jim Sogi

July 19, 2007 |

Tower and suspension bridges are good market models, but an important structure is the truss.

The zig zag price over the last three months and beyond forms beams with zig zags between, and larger truss structure in the June July area. The reason for a larger beam would be to support more weight. The current structure this week reminds me of cable stay bridges.

Mixed metaphors seem to work well in the market, and the classic Beethoven's Fifth pattern, di- di- di- dah, played out its tune. In the Fifth, Beethoven plays the signature lick twice, the second time a little bit lower and slower as the set up.

Alan Millhone writes: 

Some years ago in checkers there was an author by the name of Ben Boland who wrote many ending books on the game. One was Boland’s Bridges. This is where you have supporting pieces in your king row (usually on 2 & 4 or 30 & 32).

Peterson's Drawbridge is a standard checker ending that can be won or lost according to positioning of single pieces around the bridge. In checkers at times your bridge is 'blown' by your opponent and your 'position' is crushed as your bridge collapses. I can see this happening in the market as you attempt to shore up a shaky position. In construction, loads, and the proper calculation of loads are critical to maintaining safety. 'Spanning' the market with safe positions is just as critical.


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