Given yesterday's moves by the market mistress, I'm inclined to set up a passive investment account and wondering: What is the most leveraged way to play the indices, specially NASDAQ, long term? Any case for or against ProShares such as QLD? I believe the optimal leverage historically for indices has been calculated as 2x.

Kim Zussman replies:

Dr. Saad's post recalls dating days, when so much emotion and gravitas spins moment-to-moment around the affections and afflictions of the deadly fickle opposite sex. About 99% of her moves are random (to you), not attributable to knowable causation, and there is as little merit in crowing when you are chosen as crying when you are dumped.

"Am I clever and erudite?" Or does she just like to boogie? "Am I dashing and dapper?" Or does she just like to boogie? "They were all cruel - I will show her true valor!" Or does she just like to boogie? "She danced with the others, but says I'm the one!" Or does she just like to boogie? "She moans and she shrieks!" Or does she just like to boogie?

Hany Saad responds:

No, no more confusion. I am certain now that she likes to boogie.

Her dance yesterday came out of the clear blue sky. To add insult to injury, I left the dance floor on Tuesday after three long weeks with her in my arms, leaving her to perform her best dance ever all alone while I watched from afar, sipping on a tasteless drink.





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