The following are the top 10 most read stories at marketwatch.com. Eight of the stories seem bearish and only two relate to actual company earnings.

I would presume that the readers of these stories must be individuals who have sold recently and are looking for comfort in having made the decision to exit the market at a triple top. I have no idea what that is or what the odds of it being true are but if earnings are rising at 41% for Genentech and profits up 34.5% at Infosys, that is reason enough to buy stocks.

One story is about earnings hopes but the two earnings stories are not hope but fact. Further, all bad news stories have been factored into the current market / index prices and the news in this case offers little factual information.

  1. U.S. stock futures choppy amid renewed housing jitters
  2. Is that a triple top forming in the Dow?
  3. Stocks rise as earnings hopes offset subprime woes
  4. For home-builder stocks, bad news just keeps piling up
  5. Wireless-phone industry tactics criticized
  6. Will stocks feel subprime sting as debt ratings are cut?
  7. Genentech quarterly earnings surge 41%
  8. Infosys profit rises 34.5%; full-year outlook pared on forex
  9. Dollar remains pressured as euro, pound hit highs; yen retreats
  10. Oil stocks weather downturn in crude, oil service downgrades


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