Eddie Van HalenShowing the green behind my ears, this is the first time in the 10-plus years that I've been in this wonderful industry that M&A has been so plentiful and shown the effects on the markets it has with one-liner headlines.

The one thing that I have had experience with, though, is the IPO markets and remembering what they did to emotions of investors once companies came to market, and the stampeding that they created to pump up equities and expectations.

Why isn't anyone discussing the IPO market and the deals that are taking place and the capital that is being raised for future profits?

To borrow from Troy Smith (last pick in the NFL draft) when the rookies all sat down with Commissioner Roger Goodell had him tell them of the cracking down on the negative image that players portray, "Why aren't you focusing on the positives" of the many? When perplexed, confused, and on the spot Mr. Goodell simply dodged the question and Mr. Smith the recent Heisman Trophy Winner hit the high hard one back saying, "You didn't answer my question".

Why can't the brainwashed, negative, half empty glassed people out there see that there exists an unabated movement that is called drift that is picked up and carried magically by things that they don't even see or acknowledge? Can't they see that the engine gets greased and refueled daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly? Do they not understand the Van Halen lyrics, "Everybody wants some, I want some too"?

Scott Brooks comments:

I love how J T wove in a great philosophical lesson and tied it to the markets and sports, then brought it all together with a semi-obscure 1980 Van Halen reference. Of course, referencing that song also ties into what is one of the biggest drivers of the markets: Sex!

Here's an interesting site to reference for song facts.  





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