My dad went up to the farm and reported back that the crops looked pretty good. The corn is not as tall as it normally is this time of year, but that's due the wet spring that resulted in a late planting — as much as a month later than preferred in some places, but still within the acceptable window of planting opportunity.

We've had a fair amount of rain across Missouri as a whole, but mostly spotty storms. So a farm down the road could get an inch of rain while my farm remained dry. There isn't much to worry about at this time as far as the corn or soybeans go. As a matter of fact there seems to be reason to be optimistic. Temperatures are forecast to be moderate over the next 10 days, highs in the upper 70s - upper 80s. That is important. Corn doesn't like the temperature to be much above 95 and especially not for any long period of time. At night, they're forecasting lows in the upper 50s to as high as 70. That is good! Even if we don't get rain, those low temperatures will create a nice wetting morning dew, which of course is better than not having a morning dew!

So keep your fingers crossed as we move into the hot part of summer. Watch the weather forecasts for rain. Picking up 1/2 inch of rain per week this time is the big key. Going more than 10 days in a row without rain is bad. Temperatures above 90 for extended periods of time is bad. Combined, they are a devastating to corn and bean but worse on the corn this time of year, as the corn enters the crucial tassling stage of its growth process. Beans can do with a bit less moisture and do a lot of growing when the rains come back in September and even October (depending on when they were planted).
I talked to my farmer and he is optimistic. Well, as optimistic as a farmer can be. Keep your fingers crossed and pray for the rain to continue!


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