Rocky VI, from Scott Brooks

June 25, 2007 |

 I struggled with choosing whether or not to rent Rocky Vl. Stallone at 60, fighting again as Rocky, was this going to be just a low budget grab for cash by Stallone?

It wasn't the best Rocky I've seen. I doubt you could top the original which launched not only a franchise but a whole career, and re-charged the psyche of a nation that was beaten down by Vietnam, double digit inflation, Watergate, and high unemployment. America needed something to feel good about besides trying to celebrate our bicentennial.

In many ways, Rocky l did just that.

I found it interesting that Rocky Balboa didn't take the low road and just take us on an emotional roller coaster. But Rocky remained humble and kind. He maintained his uneducated, limited vocabulary, positive philosophical street-smart self. We were taken on a ride down memory lane. He reminisced about his beloved wife Adrian, who is deceased in this movie.

I especially like the way the inevitable fight scene is handled. Rocky Vl added a touch of class to the end of the franchise. Rocky goes out as a humble man, a class act that gets the credit he deserves. It's too bad that this movie didn't get the credit it deserved, for that reason alone.

Rocky gave us a character that demonstrated kindness and compassion. Rocky was humble (except for the first part of Rocky lll) and never seemed to forget his roots. Further, I believe he gave us a demonstration of how to take the gifts that we are all given, our talents, if you will, and magnify them to achieve all that we can achieve and use not only our physical talents but also our mental talents, and how to combine them to succeed by having the right philosophical foundation from which to draw.

In my humble opinion, that is the greatest gift that the Rocky franchise gave to this nation, a nation that so desperately needed it. If you watch Rocky Vl from that perspective, you will be pleasantly surprised!

On my 10 point scoring system: For entertainment I give it a seven for the both the kids and adults. I give it a Prudish Dad of 8.5. There was no sexual innuendo in the movie. There were a few curse words, but none were too bad. There message of the movie to today's youth (and adults for that matter) is worthwhile too. I recommend it to parents and grandparents.


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