One hypothesis is that in trading with leverage, the intellectual nut is insignificant compared to the emotional one. The pain game. Further, pain tolerance related to endurance exercise seems wholly irrelevant. Yes it hurts to pound up hills, but (notwithstanding cardiac arrest) your family isn't going to go begging from that burn.

No, it is more like locating supremacy in killing animals not planned for food. Or at least learning to look beyond weepy eyes in their last moments, with mixed feelings of victory and remote sympathy for another sovereign equal about to go down to make you up.

Finally, as an exercise in Darwinistic soul-hardening, this year it was time to do something about the army of squirrels eating all the apricots off the tree in the yard. No, we don't need the extra calories or fiber, and yes there may have been "squirrelets" to feed.

"Rodents carry disease (e.g., Yersinia pestis)!" But is it logical to pine for yard rodents while dining on chicken or fish? They must go.

The local sporting goods store had on sale Crossman break-back pneumatic 0.177 pellet guns 1000 feet-per-second. A few weeks practice and adjusting the sight made cans at 100 feet easy hits.

The first person was the fattest; a bold fellow who bent the branches while hogging the fruit. They hide by hugging a tree-trunk 180 degrees opposite you, and sitting stock-still while peering around the corner. After spotting his plump head, I took a bead, slow breath, and squeezed the trigger. He flew down to the ground at the base of the tree.

The Mourners' Kaddish is said as part of the mourning rituals in Judaism in all prayer services as well as at funerals and memorials. Mention of "saying Kaddish" unambiguously denotes the rituals of mourning.

The opening words of this prayer are inspired by Ezekiel 38:23, a vision of God becoming great in the eyes of all the nations. The central line of the Kaddish in Jewish tradition is the congregation's response "May His great name be blessed forever and to all eternity", a public declaration of God's greatness and eternality.

How grand it is becoming greater than the smallest of the small.


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