In today's mail I received a newly printed checker primer geared to the younger generation of checker player. This fine little book was authored by John P. Cardie and illustrations expertly done by Robert Murr. Both men are from Colorado and have grandchildren who play checkers. My copy was a gift from Mr. Cardie and he is offering signed copies for $14.00 which includes s/h and tax. He says to make checks payable to "checkers creates Kings".

Proceeds from his book will be donated to the American Checker Federation youth program. You can order one online or toll free at: 1-877-843-1007.

This book is 62 pages and contains the rules of the game, dozens and dozens of basic problems for the novice to set up and solve, sections on being a good sport and a good loser. This fine book is divided into eight chapters. I feel the "Author's Aim" deserves mention and I quote:

It is the goal of the author to have as many young children as possible get involved in playing checkers and to learn the beneficial lessons of life it teaches. Although underrated, this granddaddy of all board games, is simple to learn, yet very intense. Checkers helps children to cultivate critical thinking skills. My hope is to spearhead a national 'revival' of checkers.

Mr. Cardie has four young grandsons and he will be bringing them to compete in the annual Arthur Niederhoffer Youth Tournament. This year that event will be held in the Plaza Hotel in Las Vegas. I am bringing along my two young grandsons to compete as well. More on the youth event and other checker tournaments can be found on the ACF website. The ACF is 501 (C) 3 non-profit. 


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