As a brand new prospective trader I have been studying the markets for two years in preparation. I have read many 'systems' and technical analysis tomes and have been bemused at generally how imprecise they are in their execution. I do like Joe Ross's techniques (he pooh-poohs technical analysis) and I even found a retail FOREX trader who eschews technical trading. I still have to make a decision about what market to enter but I am seriously looking at seasonal spreads as a kind of no-brainer easy start to trading.

I read your book Practical Speculation and I loved it! I am a confirmed skeptic and a big fan of Skeptic Magazine. Your insertion of a scientific method into the general flimflam is exactly what is needed in this hugely unscientific arena where unscrupulous sellers of snake oil abound (I also think Atlas Shrugged is a great book).





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  1. Edward Barkes on June 19, 2007 3:44 am

    You never really learn anything till you start to do it.


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