In my local morning's paper I found six items that carry over into other endeavors. Sometimes a few unexplained sentences are more effective than a detailed analysis because they encourage the reader to do more of the heavy lifting required to learn.

There are some things in life that you can't think about while you do them, and golf is one. Golf isn't played the way it's learned. It's learned by conscious competence on the driving range and played by unconscious competence on the golf course.

There was never a champion who just wandered up to the ball and hit it. So approach the ball as if you mean it. The average player plays with no commitment to the shot. The good player plays with partial commitment to the shot, but the champion plays with total commitment to the shot.

Relax! The time you have to swing the club is not a second and a half but 30 to 45 seconds. It runs from the beginning of your shot routine until the ball is in the air.

The late and great checker world champion Tommie Wiswell admonished, "Move in haste, repent in leisure". With golf, chess, checkers, tennis, stock trading, take your time. Survey the situation. Do your homework. Keep a manuscript full of your notes on whatever you are doing.

"Knowledge is power" in anything!

From Mark Goulston:

Thank you Alan. You might like this article along those lines:

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