The quantitative among us spend incredible time, money, and effort to search out predictive patterns in the markets. We use state of the art equipment to aggregate, analyze, and optimize vast streams of data in an attempt to squeeze out a small edge every day. Compounded over time this edge becomes significant but only if followed as designed. Stops, fear, and greed combine to degrade performance in real time, leaving many vexed by their relative underperformance to the pure patterns.

The Detroit Tigers have "Nine Full Innings" inscribed on their League Championship rings from 2006. Certainly, some would object here, as in blowout games where you have very little chance of winning. Maybe you should rest your stars to avoid injury. But manager Jim Leyland would never let the Tigers quit.

Leyland repeatedly preached the concept of playing hard for nine full innings, and the players took up that mantra, as evidenced not just by their words but also by the team's propensity for late-inning clutch hits, rallies, and comebacks.

We've established what one extra hit a week brings. If you have an edge in the markets, play the full nine. 


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