I have no problem with advertising. It is essentially freedom of speech, a right. How else do people find out about a product or service?

Coke does it, Microsoft does it, Nike does it, I've done it. The larger issue is, does the sales message fairly present the proposition? Ken Smith has led the charges on this point.

Considering the large cost of advertising it is natural to try to get your ad cost back so a legitimate promoter will be as enticed to get a response as a huckster.

It is one thing for a money manager to advertise vs. a letter writer or educator. They have different markets to attend to. Some prefer writing to trading. A few trade and write. Then there is the running of a money management firm (that takes a very sharp business person as there are numerous areas of expertise needed beyond trading).

The aggressive promoters always have a back end. They want to sell you a book for next to nothing. Then a campaign steps up to a very expensive service or personal mentoring. That's the one they are doing now.

Several of these guys have approached me telling me how they 'step' people up from a free seminar to eventually getting $20,000 from them.

That galls me, as I'm sure it does most people. I'd rather trade or promote myself, (brag like hell of course if that's what's required) but have full disclosure and no hidden agendas.

Perhaps this will alert some to the mentoring hustle going on in the world of trading now.





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