U.S. Hedge Fund Seeks Investigator to Shadow Bosses

Dec. 23 (Bloomberg) — Chapman Capital, a Los Angeles- based hedge fund, is seeking a private investigator to monitor the private lives of company executives, the Financial Times said, citing a job advertisement on a New York Web site. Robert L. Chapman, who runs the fund, is known for writing blunt letters to companies and has warned in the past he would use covert intelligence, the newspaper said. “Understanding what is motivating executives of underperforming companies is a big part of our efforts,'’ the newspaper cited Chapman as saying in an interview.

He could come up with a weekly point system:

Week 28:

-3 Monday golf during work day with drinking buddies
-2 Two-martini lunch Wednesday
-15 Affair during working hours with employee Friday

Week 28 total: -20, Cumulative: -768, Recommendation: Sell short


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