1. To what extent is the first tick of the day predictive of the subsequent moves?

2. Are small down moves from the previous close more bullish than small up moves as of any given hour? In other words, do the moves from close tend to oscillate around unchanged to an inordinate extent, and does this relate to whether the next move will be up or down?

3. To what extent are divergences between the NASDAQ, the Dow and the S&P predictive or anything?

4. What is the significance of massive recurring selling in the afternoons, with buying overnight?

5. To what extent is the entire drift in stocks unavailable to day traders because of the necessity of closing out positions, and how does this relate to whether the individual stock has been up or down?

6. What are the times of day when stocks are least/most volatile, i.e. when can a person get a good tennis game or walk around the park in, without worrying about the wolf?

7. Are double or triple tops and bottoms violated to an inordinate degree?

8. After a series of continuations, taking out the reversals between bid and ask, is another continuation more likely than a reversal?

9. After a unchanged open, are reversal strageges better than breakouts?

10. Are there any fixed systems; points, moving average, pivots et. al., that flexible traders can shoot for with a view to relieving the inflexibility of their chips?





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