Neuroses, from Jim Sogi

May 11, 2007 |

 Hitchcock's SpellboundNeuroses are unconscious attempts to use what worked as a child in the changing adult landscape. This principle is at work in the markets as many lost opportunities result from attempting to use what was successful, even yesterday, in the current situation. Fixed systems are but one example.

Difficulties with overcoming personal issues are known to anyone who has overcome these things. The difficulty of adapting to the daily changing market cycles, the major difference between long and short, the difference in up days and down days, ranges and runs, are not like shifting gears in a car or wearing a different hat. The difficulty shifting to different analysis, different tools, different tactics, different markets, and the need to switch all these things on a dime cannot be overstated.

Some like to stick to just one mode, one system, and wait for the mountain to come to Mohammed, to avoid the switches. Just recognizing that the cycle has shifted is hard enough, but then to change course in the old battleship is even tougher.





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