Driving down Washington Boulevard here in Belpre I noted the local Speedway has just boosted their regular gas to $3.19. I hear on the news that fears are mounting that Iran may mine the Straits of Hormuz, and thus oil could approach $100.00 per barrel and gasoline might reach $5-6 per gallon. This will affect all of us to some degree. All of this may benefit my overall health as I am a bit too heavy and will begin to walk a little more. My walking and others who do the same might have a direct correlation to the Market! I will need a pair of good tennis shoes and if enough of us walk and buy shoes those companies will benefit and so will their stocks.

On saving fuel: The other night on the news a tip was given for saving some gas. Instead of going through to get that favorite Big Mac, it was recommended you park your car and go inside and get your carryout order. You will be saving fuel by not idling in line and get in some walking to boot. Others I am sure have their own tips to share.

Henry Gifford adds:

There are approximately two meaningful ways to save gasoline used to operate a car. One is to keep the tires inflated to the correct pressure. This is widely overlooked, and can save money and gas. The other way is to replace the air filter when it gets dirty, which saves the energy used to suck air through a dirty filter.

Otherwise, other than turning the engine off when possible, as described below, very little else can be done. The energy profile of a car is basically fixed the day it rolls off the assembly line.

Approx. 28% of the fuel is typically used while idling at red lights or in very slow traffic, when the overall efficiency is essentially zero. Gas/Electric hybrids avoid this, which is one of the ways they save fuel.


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